Air pollution paragraph SSC HSC Degree Honours Masters BCS Bank

Air pollution paragraph SSC HSC Degree Honours Masters BCS Bank

Write a paragraph on Air Pollution by answering the following questions.

  1. What is air?
  2. How is air pollution?
  3. How is air polluted?
  4. How is air harmful?
  5. What happens when men inhale polluted air?
  6. Why should we keep our environment free from pollution?

Air Pollution Paragraph For HSC Exam 2024

The most damaging type of pollution is air pollution. This is because we have no control over the air we breathe. Air pollution is described as gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides. A variety of factors cause this contamination. This pollution develops in large cities due to the increased number of automobiles on the road. A considerable number of mills and factories also cause air pollution.

The combustion of coal and other fossil fuels emits a significant amount of sulfur oxide. Bituminous coal, charcoal, and firewood contribute to air pollution by emitting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. Aside from trash burning, indiscriminate discharge of human waste into the open air is a significant source of air pollution. Air pollution causes a variety of diseases, including asthma and cardiac problems.

Steps must, however, be taken to reduce air pollution. Lead-free gasoline should be utilized to curb the unplanned rise of industry. There should be more trees planted. This is how we can put an end to air pollution. We can have a pleasant life as well.

SSC Exam 2022 Air Pollution Paragraph

Air is a vital force in the universe. Animals and plants both take in oxygen and carbon dioxide from the air. As a result, if the air is polluted, it poses a serious threat to everyone. That is why air is such a crucial part of our environment. However, the air is becoming so filthy that it has become a global concern. The air is polluted in numerous ways. However, air pollution is more severe in cities since vehicles, mills, and factories release carbon monoxide emissions and smoke that substantially damage our city’s air. Furthermore, trash burning and indiscriminate dumping of human waste into the open air are significant sources of air pollution.

Excessive smoke-emitting vehicles should be prohibited. To reduce air pollution, lead-free gasoline and compressed air should be used in automobiles, as Dhaka is the most polluted city in the world, according to the WHO and the United Nations Environment Programme. We get bronchitis and other respiratory disorders from breathing filthy air. Planting and caring for trees is the most effective strategy to reduce air pollution. The animals must be protected, and mass tree-cutting must be avoided.

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