bangladesh paragraph for hsc

Bangladesh paragraph for hsc Degree Masters and so on

Paragraph On My Country

The official name of our nation is the Bangladeshi People’s Republic. It’s hard to overstate how stunning this country is. Before 1971, our nation was a part of Pakistan. Then, after a liberation battle lasting nine months, we won and freed our country. The liberation war of 1971 cost the lives of three million people. The 26th of March is our independence day, and the 16th of December is our Victory day. Bangla is our country’s official language. We take tremendous satisfaction in being the only nation to have its citizens die on February 21, 1952, for the sake of its own language. The 21st of February has been designated by UNESCO as International Mother Language Day in honour of all native tongues.

bangladesh paragraph for hsc
Dhaka is the name of Bangladesh’s capital city. It’s the most populous and active metropolis in the country. There are 16 billion people in the world. Our nation spans a total of 1,47,570 square km. Our nation was built along its rivers. So Our country is mostly drained by the Padma, Jamuna, and Meghna rivers. All of these rivers have diminished, however, because of pollution and river pollution. The majority of the population is Muslim, however, people of all faiths coexist happily here.

Our country is known for its beautiful tourism destinations, like the Sundarban, Cox’sBazar, St. Martin, and Kuakata. The Mangrove forest at Sundarban is the world’s largest. The longest sea beach in the world is in Cox’s Bazar. Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Pahela Baishakh, etc. are the most widely celebrated holidays. It’s no secret that Bangladesh is on the rise.

bangladesh paragraph for hsc

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy here. Rice, jute, tea, fruit, etc. are only few of the staples that this country produces. RMG and manpower exports also contribute significantly to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. The staples of this country’s diet are rice and fish. Our country’s official fish is called a Hilsha, and our official bird is a Doyel. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the country’s official mammal. The magpie is our national bird, and the water lily is our national flower. Even though Hadudu is our national sport, Cricket is by far the most played sport in India. The people here have learned to make do despite their country’s poverty and dangers.

Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and SSC Bangladesh Paragraph

Bangladesh has a large population despite its relatively tiny size. Bangladesh has a population of about 164 million despite its relatively small landmass of 147,570 square kilometres. Nonetheless, the country is green and scenic. The economy is thriving, and exports are helping the country immensely.

We export more clothing over the world than any other country save China. We excel not only economically, but also athletically. In terms of cricket, we have one of the world’s best teams. Bangladesh has a rich and moving past. This nation won its independence from Pakistan in 1971 following a bloody nine-month war.

Bangladesh paragraph for hsc

Many lives were lost during the period. The Pakistani army capitulated on December 16th, and a new country was born. This is why the 16th of December is recognised as our Victory Day. There are many stunning natural attractions in Bangladesh. I have a lot of pride for my nation.

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