DU MBA Admission 2024

DU MBA Admission 2024

The aim of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of IBA is to produce leaders and world-class managers who; are well-informed and well-equipped with technical, professional, theoretical and academic knowledge to lead the global organizations of the 21st century.

IBA has both full-time and part-time MBA programs, which are professional graduate programs to develop skills and judgment in individuals for effective management. The emphasis is on developing a student’s ability to evaluate business and organizational situations so that he/she is able to make informed and creative judgments about policy and operational issues. Central to this approach is the development of creativity and reasoning in students, which is essential for every manager regardless of function or level within an organization. A unique educational approach is taken to groom the graduates who enter the institute from diverse academic backgrounds.

DU MBA Admission
The intended learning outcomes of the MBA program are as follows:
  • Concrete and comprehensive understanding of business and business organizations
  • Ability to manage people and understand organizational culture even in the global context
  • Use of business analytics and other quantitative and qualitative techniques to make informed and prudent decisions
  • Ability to formulate and implement strategy under resource, time and other constraints
  • Ability to communicate in the language of senior management and utilize networking skills

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Management Development Program (MDP)

The Management Development Program of the Institute is geared towards helping individual managers and organizations augment their management development efforts. The services provided by the program include management training, seminars, workshops, and executive forums. 

The following courses are regularly been offered by MDP:

Six-Month Program:

ACBA: Advanced Certificate in Business Administration Brochure & Application Form  

Three-Month Program:

ACMP: Advanced Certificate for Management Professionals Brochure (old) & Application Form  

Six-Week Courses:

AFNA: Accounting For Non-Accountants Brochure & Application Form

CBSI: Competitive Business Strategy & Innovation Brochure & Application Form  

FNM: Finance For Non-Finance Managers Brochure & Application Form

HRMC: Human Resource Management Competencies Brochure & Application Form  

MCPS: Managerial Communication for Professional Success Brochure & Application Form

MCFM: Marketing Competencies For Managers Brochure & Application Form

MFI: Managing Financial Institutions Brochure & Application Form

PMC: Project Management Competencies Brochure & Application Form

ESCM: Effective Supply chain management Brochure & Application Form

Four-Week Courses:

MSSP: Marketing Skills For Service Professionals Brochure & Application Form

RMC: Relationship Marketing Competencies Brochure & Application Form

DMC: Digital Marketing Competencies Brochure & Application Form

Weekend Short Courses:

Credit Risk Management (CRM)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Leadership & Change Management (LCM)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Sales & Salesmanship Excellence (SSE)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Supply Chain Management (SCM)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Corporate Governance (CG)  Course Brochure & Application Form

Service Marketing for Competitive Growth (SMCG) Course Brochure & Application Form

Brand Management (BM)  Course Brochure & Application Form

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