Early marriage paragraph For SSC HSC Eight BCS Degree Masters

Early marriage paragraph For SSC HSC Eight BCS Degree Masters

Early marriage paragraph For SSC HSC Eight BCS Degree Masters

Paragraph topic like early marriage is one of the common topics for exams. This topic has been in the exams for almost several years. Early marriage is also called child marriage. We have covered the paragraph by some of the expert teachers in the country.

After reading the paragraph, you will be able to answer the following questions:
  • What is early marriage?
  • What are the reasons for early marriage?
  • How does it affect a boy or a girl?
  • How can we stop this social problem?

A passage about early marriage for SSC students
Before they turn 18, girls and boys can get married. This is called “early marriage.” In places where people don’t go to school, young people get married. They stick to old ideas and rules. On top of that, girls get married young to escape danger. Parental units sometimes take dowry from the home of the bride-to-be of their son.

Girls in our country don’t have parents who want to send them to good schools. They believe getting married will make things easier for them. They don’t need to learn more. But the truth is that getting married young increases the risk of violence and abuse.

Girls who are going to get married young suffer for a long time. People have to go through a lot, especially in the town. They get married young. But it gets hard for them to keep up with everything, even the new family. A lot of people are sure that girls should get married earlier.

They need to stay inside. Girls who can’t read or write and girls from villages are the ones who get married too young. Some specific things, like poverty and unequal treatment of men and women, can lead to young marriages. Girls who grow up in places that don’t make them feel welcome have this problem. Parents pay a lot of attention to their daughters as if they were a bother. That’s why they do things. But it makes the country have a lot of troubles.

A girl can’t get used to living with her husband at his house. She could be sick with different things. Girls are slapped and talked down to. But rules should be strict to keep people from getting married too young. In some situations, the police can stop this problem. Trouble can’t be fixed in one day, though. People need to first believe in what will happen if they get married too soon. We should know the bad things that happen when people get married young. The government needs to say something about this. People should be made more aware of the problem.

Early marriage paragraph For SSC HSC Eight BCS Degree Masters
Paragraph for HSC students about getting married young

Everywhere in the country these days, people get married young. It’s one of the main problems that is stopping our country from growing right now. Getting married before the right age is called “early marriage.” In every town, people get married young. The people in the towns can’t read or write. The people in the town believe that girls should get married young. They believe that girls are heavy. For girls, though, life gets hard after they get married. Girls don’t always do well in life. They are not able to help support a family financially. But if a girl goes to school, she won’t be a bother. Because it has been done this way for a long time, the problem will get worse.

Girls are seen as someone else’s property. More poor people use dowries, and loans, and get married young. But getting married young can have long-lasting effects. A girl has to go through a lot of pain. The family needs her to take care of them. They need to take care of the whole family. But taking care of the whole family isn’t easy.

They become an enemy. These people need to take care of their family and kids. It’s possible for them to get sick. But dads and moms should give their kids power. They should finish their schooling. They have to live on their own. Discrimination based on gender can make this problem worse. Dads and moms should treat their kids the same. The problem can get better with social pressure. To stop this trouble, laws should be made. Campaigns don’t have to make this problem worse. People should know about the bad effects ahead of time. We need to solve this problem for girls right away. It can get rid of poverty and unfairness.

Early marriage paragraph For SSC HSC Eight BCS Degree Masters

A short 100-word piece on getting married young

Our country has a problem with people getting married too young. It has spread to many parts of our society. A boy and a girl get married before they hit puberty. This is called “early marriage.” Girls from very poor families are married off before they turn 15 in towns and slums in cities. Each of these groups. Parental units can’t pay for their girls’ food and schooling. Also, because of the way things are economically right now, parents are worried about their girls getting married.

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It’s something that comes up a lot on tests. You need to remember this paragraph if you want to get the best grade on the paragraph part of the test. You should get a good grade on the test if you can write the whole paragraph correctly.

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