Environment Pollution Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Bank Masters

Environment Pollution Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Bank Masters

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Environment Pollution Paragraph for Kids (150 words)

Pollution is a daily threat to our environment. There are numerous sorts of pollution, including in the air, water, soil, and land. Nature is being destroyed by pollution. Some are manufactured malfunctions, while others are environmental contamination. A combination of hazardous gases are released from the manufacturers’ chimneys and moving parts as smoke. The worst affected by environmental contamination are the plants and animals. Every day, they become extinct. No plant or animal is safe in this area. Existing endangered species lists include some animals. Additionally, dying because of water contamination are marine species.

Both the temperature and the rate of global warming are rising. Planting lots of trees is the only approach to eliminate environmental pollution. We may get rid of a lot of dangerous hazardous fumes by planting trees. We can lessen pollution and breathe clean air if the land becomes green again.

Environment Pollution Paragraph for Kids (200 words)

To live a healthy life, one must take care of the surroundings. Because the elements necessary for life, such as air, water, and food, are found there, our environment significantly impacts many aspects of human existence. The urbanisation and industrialisation of the world have contaminated the environment. Our way of living has altered as well. Day by day, the animals are getting closer to going extinct. The albatross, the white tiger, and the panda are no longer seen. We shall lose our animals in a few decades if environmental degradation doesn’t stop because they are so scarce.

Due to the hazardous and destructive gases that are continuously discharged from factories into the atmosphere, air pollution results. People throw all their rubbish into the ocean and rivers, poisoning the water daily.
The worst affected are marine animals, including fish, whales, and dolphins. They also lose their priceless lives. One of the reasons for soil pollution is soil erosion. Planting trees is one way that humans can save the planet. Our Earth will once again be green if we grow trees. Cutting down trees will contribute to deforestation and the loss of the top layer of soil, so we shouldn’t do it either.

Environment Pollution Paragraph (300 words)

The environment is essential to lead a healthy life. Our environment shapes a necessary aspect of human life because that is where we can find the requirements of life, such as air, water, and food. For this reason, due to global industrialization and modernization, there has been environmental pollution. Our lifestyle has also changed. The animals are on the verge of becoming extinct day by day. The panda, the white tiger, and the Albatross are now not seen.

They are few only, and if environmental pollution continues, we will lose our animals in a few decades. The harmful and toxic gases released 24×7 from the factories are mixed with the air, causing air pollution. Men dump all the waste materials in the rivers and sea; this way, the water is also getting poisoned daily.

Marine species like fish, whales, and dolphins are in the worst situation. Their precious lives are also lost and vulnerable. Soil erosion is another of the causes of soil pollution. We humans can save our Earth by planting trees. If we plant trees, then once again, our Earth will be green. We should not cut trees either; it will cause deforestation, and the top portion of the soil will be lost.

Environment Pollution Paragraph (350 words)

Our environment is our asset, and we should not lose the charm of the environment due to pollution. We should deal with our Earth’s environment like our mother because our Earth also nurtures and shelters us. If the climate gets polluted, will it be possible for us to live? There are various types of pollution: Water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc. You can find it here. The contaminants of the environment are called pollutants.

The primary pollutants come from industries because the factories release harmful and poisonous gases into the atmosphere. This is the cause of air pollution. Water contamination is also brought on by the discharge of industrial effluents into bodies of water. The smoke from burning materials and greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, which are high in India, are the other pollutants accountable for corruption.

The ice in Antarctica is melting due to everyday global warming caused by environmental pollution, and the release of hazardous gases is destroying the entire Earth. Both the animals and the vegetation are at risk of extinction. One of the causes of environmental degradation is the removal of trees. Therefore, to improve the beauty of Earth, we should plant more trees rather than tearing them down. We observe World Environment Day on June 5th thus, in addition to planting Mahotsav trees on that specific day, we should also do it whenever we see it essential.

We should also celebrate Van Mahotsav to spread the news that everyone should plant trees. Every soul’s responsibility and commitment is to preserve and protect our environment from getting polluted. Another duty we have to perform is not to dump the waste materials in the river or seawater. We should burn them, and then we can produce biogas.

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