Government school Admission 2024

Government school Admission 2024

How to get into a public school in 2024? Bangladesh GSA will publish the government primary and high school admission notification for the academic year 2024-2025 in the first week of December like last year. In fact, it is a test for students selected from grades 1,2,3, 4,5,6, 7, 8 and 9 in elementary schools that are owned by the state and have elementary and high schools attached to them. Due to the rigged admission process and bias over the years, most of the good but poor students have not been able to showcase their skills at the national and foreign level. Therefore, the Ministry of Education BD has made rules about this technique so that people do not make counterfeits.

Government school Admission 2024

The admission process is also underway in the sub-divisional and district-level schools run by the Prime Minister. Each sub-division and district has at least one school and some have more than one school. Overall, most schools speak to girls and boys separately. Some classes use a method called “co-education.” In addition to these, some schools have morning and day shifts with support groups. In the past, there were two ways to take the government school admission test. The first is the “lottery system” for “one” class and the second is the “test (written and oral)” for “two to eight” classes. Students will be selected for Class 9 on the basis of their JSC results.

Who can apply?

Not everyone can apply easily. For this, you must have the necessary qualifications/qualifications. Otherwise, no one will pass this admission test. Similarly, every year they allocate seats based on different professions and catchment areas. Let’s take a look at who can apply.

  • Children of Freedom Fighters (FF).
  • Children of leaders and employees of the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • Children of teachers and employees working in secondary schools in the concerned area.
  • 50% allocation for children in the catchment area adjacent to the school.

If the applicant’s parents are voters, they can apply if the owner of the flat or house (according to the utility bill) rents the flat and if the government house is allotted in the concerned subdivision.

2% seats will be given to the working officers and employees of Ganabhaban Government High School.

In the case of admission to the sixth grade, they will book a limit of 10% of the total seats for those who passed the fifth grade of primary school. If the children of the same mother or twin siblings of the applicant student have already studied in a school, they will get the opportunity according to the vacant seat and qualification.

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Online application

As before, those who are eligible must be enrolled in government schools. এস. (a) Apply through the official website. Applications other than online will not be accepted. Here, we have a suggestion for you you need to collect all the following documents before applying online.

  • your birth certificate.
  • Identity card of the father and mother (NID).
  • Your most recent colour.
  • Suppose you have a quota, then keep the relevant documents.
  • A Teletalk pre-paid number for payment of the application fee.
  • You need a contact number of your parents, which must have a biometric record.
  • Go to the student application form after collecting all the documents.

Note: Do not attempt to provide any information that does not match the wording on your birth registration certificate and parent’s NID. For the 6th class application, you have to fill it according to your PEC certificate.

Admission process

The entire process will be decided by the government. The test will be conducted in two ways. One is the lottery, the other is the written and oral method. The draw is only for the first class and written, viva for the sixth-ninth class.

The results of the lottery

There is a question which subject will be chosen in the first class examination? Because they are very good at school. Also, it was found that most of the parents pre-trained their children before admission. In fact, some parents underestimate their children despite their height. Whether you know it or not, we do not know that an experienced and older child can easily get a chance to go to any school. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to choose admission to any school. This is why selecting teachers from the lottery is a good choice for the GSA’s Admissions Control Board. Where no one can be blamed except for their own wealth.

written and viva.

In this section, the question pattern is divided into two types. Two-three (second-third) admission questions and the distribution of marks are the same and four-eight (fourth-eighth) are similar to each other. Choose to ask questions in Bengali, English and Mathematics. For classes 2-3 and 4-8, a total of 50 and 100 marks will be taken in phases. The authority will suitably give you 60 minutes and 120 minutes for the class.

schools for admission.

Generally, there are two government high schools in each subdivision. There are two or more, but more than two, state-owned enterprises in Sadar Upazila. However, all school entrance exams were never held at once. Each division, district and thana college took a different date and time. According to the last analysis, there are 492 and 652 police stations in Bangladesh. There are probably 1,000 more schools across the country. First, it occupied Dhaka city and then other parts of Bangladesh. See other school applications below.

  • Dhaka Mohonagar
  • Chittagong Mohonagar
  • Barisal Division
  • Khulna Division
  • Mymensingh Division
  • Rajshahi Division
  • Rangpur Division
  • Sylhet Division

The results of the public school

Whenever the results will be published, it is a burning question after completing the test. As a result, parents of most students call the school number. Sometimes teachers are busy in preparing the results. In addition to this, many of them look on the internet to get results but don’t get it.

However, the results were announced on the notice boards of the sub-division and district offices. So don’t worry about your score. If it is possible for us to get the result live, we will try to provide the result on our website It’s always good to keep an eye on our website.

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