Report about historical victory day of Bangladesh For SSC HSC Degree Honours Masters

Report about historical victory day of Bangladesh For SSC HSC Degree Honours Masters

Let us say you work as a neighbourhood reporter for Channel 1. Write a story about how people in Bangladesh celebrate Victory Day.


Shilla Chakrabarti, a local reporter for Channel 1, said on December 16: On December 16, which is Victory Day, people all over the country take time to be sombre. Today, our freedom forces took the red-and-green flag of independence from the Pakistani army that was living in our country.

It’s a holiday today. Today is Bangladesh’s National Victory Day. Today is a very important day in the history of our country. The Pakistani occupation army fought hard for a month, but we finally won on December 16, 1971.

We celebrate the day in the right way every year. There are colourful banners and festoons in almost every office and building, and the national flag is flying high. On both radio and TV, there were special shows that focused on the day’s events. A lot of different artistic events are held at the National Stadium. Cadets and students from different schools play different parts.

Fireworks start the day’s events early in the morning. At dawn, people of all ages bring flowers to the National Memorial of Savar to show their love and respect for the people who died. There are events planned by a number of political, social, and artistic groups to mark the day. A lot of workshops and meetings are also held to talk about how important the day is.

Universities and colleges also plan events, mostly sports and games, to celebrate Victory Day. In this way, National Victory Day is celebrated in a big way.

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