Honours 4th Year Result 2024 । অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৪

Honours 4th Year Result 2024 । অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৪: The honours 4th year result of national university has been published. Students can check their results on the official website of the national university or by sms.

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Result by SMS

You can get the result through the mobile SMS:
Type: nu<space>h4<space>Reg and send 16222
Example: nu h4 9600001 and send 16222

National University has recently announced the honours 4th-year result for the academic year 2018. Students who appeared for the exam can now access their results online or via sms. To check the results, students need to visit the official website of the national university and enter their roll number, registration number, and academic year.

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Alternatively, they can also check their results by sending an sms to the provided number with their roll number. The honours 4th-year result is a crucial step towards higher education or finding a job for students, and thus it is essential to check the result accurately. Students can also obtain their mark sheets from their respective colleges once the mark sheet is available.

Process And Significance Of Honours 4Th Year Result Announcement

Honours 4th year result of national university (nu) is crucial for students who have taken the exam and are eagerly waiting to know their performance. Being the largest educational institution in bangladesh, nu has been conducting exams and announcing results in the most transparent and reliable ways possible.

In this blog post, we will explore the process and significance of the honours 4th year result announcement.

Announcement Date And Time

Nu typically announces the honours 4th year result within 90 days of completing the exam. The exact date and time of the result are usually published on the official website and via news media. As soon as the authority confirms the result, it’s made public through both online and offline methods.

Ways To Check The Result

There are primarily three ways to check the result once it is announced. These include:

  • Online checking through the official nu website (www.nu.edu.bd/results).
  • Sms notification sent to the candidate’s mobile phone.
  • Visiting the respective college campus for the result notice board.

For online checking, students need to visit the official website, select the exam year, enter their roll number and registration number, and submit the form. The result card gets displayed on the screen within a few seconds. In case of an sms notification, candidates simply need to send an sms to the designated number with their roll and registration numbers.

Importance Of The Honours 4Th Year Result

The honours 4th year result holds great importance for students as it depicts their academic performance throughout the course. Based on the result, candidates can decide on future career prospects and further education plans. The result is also an essential criterion for pursuing higher studies, including postgraduation and professional courses.

Moreover, the honours 4th year result plays a pivotal role in securing job opportunities and career growth.

Over the years, nu has been successful in announcing exam results promptly and fairly. The university has always been proactive in adopting modern technologies for result publication, including mobile notifications and online portals. The transparency and accuracy of nu results have instilled trust among students, colleges, and other stakeholders.

The honours 4th year result announcement is a significant event for any nu student, and the institution has been taking pragmatic measures to ensure a smooth and hassle-free result publication. Students should stay updated with the official website and news media to access their results as soon as they are announced.

Challenges And Issues Faced By National University Students In Obtaining Results

Honours 4th year result national university: challenges and issues faced by students in obtaining results

Obtaining the results of their honours 4th year exams is a crucial moment for national university students. However, the process is not always straightforward, and various challenges and issues hinder students from receiving their results.

Technical Difficulties And Delay In Publishing The Result:

  • The online result system often gets overloaded, making it difficult for students to access their results online.
  • The system may crash or log out students, slowing down the process.
  • Sometimes, the website may display results incorrectly or show an error message, leaving students uncertain about their performance.
  • Delay in publishing the result is another significant issue faced by national university students. The delay can be due to technical glitches or administrative inadequacies, causing students undue stress and anxiety.

Solutions To Overcome The Challenges:

  • National university authorities must upgrade their online system to handle heavy traffic and ensure smooth access to the results.
  • The university should issue regular updates on the website’s functionality to minimize uncertainty among students.
  • The administration must improve their processes for result publication to expedite the process and avoid long waits for anxious students.
  • Students can also subscribe to the national university sms service to receive their results, which can be less prone to technical difficulties.

Psychological Impact On Students:

The honours 4th year result is a significant event in students’ lives, and not receiving the outcome as scheduled can cause undue stress and anxiety. The following are the psychological impact that students may face:

  • Delayed results can cause unimaginable stress for students who will have to wait anxiously for weeks or even months.
  • The tense environment can cause students to question their performance and generate feelings of insecurity.
  • Some students may also have to face family members and peers if they fail, leading to added societal pressure.

Final thoughts:

Obtaining honours 4th year result national university can be a time of extreme stress for students. Technical challenges, delays in publishing results and psychological impacts all contribute to the situation’s complexity. By improving their online infrastructure and administrative processes, the national university can support students’ personal growth, and academic success.

Honours 4th Year Result 2024 । অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৪

Analysis Of Honours 4Th Year Result 2024

The honours 4th year result 2021 of the national university has been published recently, which has grabbed the attention of many students and parents. The result has been analyzed to provide an overview of students’ performance in the honours 4th year examinations.

The following section will discuss the pass rates and overall performance review, subject-based analysis, and comparison with previous years’ results.

Pass Rates And Overall Performance Review:

  • The pass rate of honours 4th year result 202৪
  • is 82.40%, which is a significant improvement compared to the previous year’s pass rate of 74.50%.
  • Out of the 1,62,145 students who appeared for the examination, 1,33,542 were declared successful.
  • 1,63,592 students were eligible to participate in the honours 4th year examination in 2021.
  • The overall performance of the students has improved, which is evident from the increase in the pass rate.

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৩

Subject-Based Analysis:

  • The honours 4th year result 2021 analysis has revealed that islamic studies has the highest pass rate of 91.63%, while mathematics has the lowest pass rate of 60.75%.
  • The pass rate of other subjects is as follows: Accounting-85.29%, management-85.21%, marketing-83.43%, english-79.03%, history-75.56%, sociology-74.80%, political science-72.32%, bangla-68.96%, and philosophy-61.68%.

Comparison With Previous Years’ Results:

  • The honours 4th year result 2021 has witnessed a considerable improvement compared to last year’s result with an 8.90% increase in the pass rate.
  • In 2020, out of 1,78,793 students, only 1,33,479 students passed the honours 4th year examination, with a pass rate of 74.50%.
  • In 2019, the pass rate was 79.88%, with 1,18,651 students passing the examination out of 1,48,000 students.

The honours 4th year result 2021 analysis shows that the students’ overall performance has improved, with a significant increase in the pass rate. However, subject-wise analysis shows that there is still a scope of improvement in a few subjects. The comparison with the previous year’s result highlights the significant leap in the pass rate.

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৩

Future Opportunities And Career Prospects After Honours 4Th Year Result Announcement

Honours 4th year result national university: future opportunities and career prospects after honours 4th year result announcement

Honours 4th year result national university is a highly anticipated event that often opens up new avenues for graduates. Once the results are announced, many graduates start to think about their future opportunities as well as the career prospects that await them.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the exciting options that honours 4th year graduates can consider.

Honours 4th Year Result 2024 । অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৪

Options For Further Education After Graduation

As an honours 4th year graduate, there are several dynamic options to consider for further education. Here are some choices worth exploring:

  • Master’s degree: Enrolling in a master’s program is a great option if you want to continue your academic journey. Obtaining a master’s degree can enrich your knowledge base, boost your career prospects, and open new professional opportunities.
  • Postgraduate diploma: A postgraduate diploma is a lesser time consuming option for those who want to deepen their knowledge in their chosen field. This enables you to obtain additional skills that are highly valued in today’s job market.
  • Professional courses: Professional courses are short term options that can help improve your professional skills. It could be anything from a certification course to a programming course; the options are endless.

Employment Opportunities For Honours 4Th Year Graduates

Employment opportunities for honours 4th year graduates are vast and varied. Here are some potential options to consider:

  • Government jobs: There are a variety of government jobs across multiple sectors for which an honours degree can qualify you. The civil service, defense forces, banking sectors, and the public administration are some examples.
  • Private sector jobs: The corporate sector has various positions for honours 4th year graduates. With your degree, you may consider options in banking, marketing, accounting, sales and customer service, and more.
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge that you acquire during your university years. Honours 4th year graduates can explore entrepreneurship with confidence, as the course equips you with the right mindset, skills, and knowledge.

Prospects For Higher Study

For honours 4th year graduates, higher study prospects are exciting. Here are some potential options worth considering:

  • M.phil/phd: If you are passionate about research and have a specific area of interest, enrolling in a m.phil/phd program may be an ideal choice. This will enable you to explore your research interests fully while expanding your knowledge.
  • Professional courses: Professional courses open up new possibilities for career development in your chosen field. They could be related to technology, marketing, accountancy, or many other sectors.

The honours 4th year result national university is just the beginning of an array of options from which to choose. The possibilities are endless, whether you are considering higher studies, entrepreneurship, or employment in the public or private sectors. Your future is full of potential, waiting for you to take the first step to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Honours 4Th Year Result National University

When Will The National University 4Th Year Honours Result Be Released?

The national university 4th year honours result will be released soon on the official website of the university.

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৩

How To Check National University Honours 4Th Year Result?

Students can check the national university honours 4th year result by visiting the official website of the university and entering their roll number and other required details.

What Is The Passing Mark In National University Honours 4Th Year?

The passing mark in national university honours 4th year is 40 out of 100. Students who score below this mark will be considered failed.

How To Get National University Honours 4Th Year Result Via Sms?

Students can get their national university honours 4th year result via sms by typing “nu space h4 space roll number” and sending it to 16222.

How To Calculate Gpa In National University Honours 4Th Year?

To calculate gpa in national university honours 4th year, multiply the grade points obtained in each subject by the credit of the corresponding subject. Then add the total grade points and divide it by the total credits.

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৩


After months of waiting, the honours 4th year result for national university has finally been released. We congratulate all the students who have successfully passed the exam and attained their degrees. We understand the pressures that come with appearing for exams and waiting for results, thus we advise those who didn’t achieve their desired results to not lose hope and be motivated to work harder in the future.

Education is a journey of continuous learning, and students should keep striving to achieve greater heights. We also wish the graduating students all the best as they step into the new chapter of their lives. We hope that they make the most of their degrees and contribute to the betterment of society.

For those students who are yet to take their exams, we advise them to stay focused and keep up with their studies. Best of luck to all the students on their academic journey!

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের রেজাল্ট ২০২৪

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