HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024: Here are so many important suggestions for your better examination and so on. Follow this article

HSC English 1st paper suggestion 2024

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1. Complete the text with a suitable preposition.                                                          0.5 x 10 = 5

Preposition connects all types (a) — words together and supports them to make better sense (b) — the readers. They help us to understand the relationship (c) — objects, (d) — example the book and the table are (e) —- the kitchen. This ensures you a basic understanding. If we add another preposition, it makes it even clearer. This book is (f) — top of the table (g) —kitchen. We have a clear picture (h) — our mind (i) — the relation of those two objects and their relationship (j) —each other.

2. Complete the sentence with suitable phrase / words given in the box.                  0.5 x 10 = 5

was bornwhat does .. look liketherewould ratherlet alone
had betterhave toas soon aswhat`s ..likeit
HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

 (a) —- is really unfortunate for a boy like him to fail in the exam.

(b) He cannot score a goal,—-hat-trick.

(c) His mother being sick, he needs to go home —- possible.

(d) No one is happy with her result. She —- understand it.

(e) —- lived a very clever fox in a jungle.

(f) Zakir Hossain —- on 19 July, 1945.

(g) We —– educate all and work hard to develop our country.

(h) —- a dragon fruit —–?

(i) You —- leave the rented house than pay the rent every month.

(j) —– tour —-? It’s very enjoyable.

3. Complete following sentences with phrase/clause                                                 10 x 1=10

a) In the present global village, skill and competence are essential —.
b) In this situation, women education is such a thing—.
c) Women comprise —.
d) We can not think of our prosperity or development —.
e) If we want development and prosperity of our country —.
f) Education is an intellectual training —.
g) Moreover, an educated mother plays a vital role—.
h) An educated mother knows —.
i) An educated woman can discharge —.
j) So we must educate our womenfolk —.
4. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs and subject verb agreement as per context.                                                                                                                         0.5 x 14 = 7

Many events of great importance (a) — (take) place during the last century. Significant advances (b) — (make) in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) — (gain) dependence. The movement for democracy (d) —- (become) prominent in many parts of the world. Two World Wars (e) — (break) out in this century. It also (f) — (witness) the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (g) — (destroy) as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation (h) -— (become) a momentous event. After a bloody war of nine months Bangladesh (i) — (bear). Now, we (j) — (hold) our heads high in the community of nations. It (k) — (be) a matter of great pride that we (l) — (get) an independent state and a national flag. Therefore, it is our sacred duty (m) — (uphold) the dignity of our country (n) — (hold) the flag high.

5. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                                      7

“Good morning Rupa.” said Sohel. “How much preparation have you taken for the upcoming SSC Exam?”. “A great preparation” replied she. “I hope, I shall get 90+ marks in every subject.” “How confident you are!” said Sohel.

6. Read the following text and use modifiers in the blank spaces as directed.          0.5 x 10 = 5

I had a peculiar experience (a) )  —— (postmodify the verb) while travelling to St. Martin’s Island. I visited the island along with my family. Zahid, (b) )  —— (postmodify the noun with an appositive), was our guide. On our way to the island, we watched (c) )  —— (demonstrative to premodify the noun) seagulls. The (d) )  —— (premodify the noun) birds were flying (e) )  —— (postmodify the verb) with the ship. They become (f) )  —— (use an intensifier to premodify the adjective) dear and friendly to us. We entertained them with chips and biscuits. (g) )  —— (use a present participle to premodify the verb) them, we become (h) )  —— (use an intensifier to premodify the adjective) excited. We decided (i) )  —— (use an infinitive phrase to postmodify the verb) in the idyllic island for a couple of days. We can never forget (j) )  —— (use a demonstrative to premodify the adjective phrase) lovely sea birds.

HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

7. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage. 0.5 x 14=7 Happiness is a relative term. (a) —, it depends upon some factors. (b)-, contentment is the key to happiness. Contentment varies from person to person. (c) —, a beggar may be contented with only ten taka. (d) —, a wealthy person may be unsatisfied even after getting one million taka. (e) —, it is said that contentment brings happiness. (f) —, we must learn to be contented with what we have. (g) —, this learning is the simplest way to remain happy. (h) —, we must remember that our life is short, and in this short life, we cannot get everything that we want. If we want everything, we will not get happiness. (i) —, we will get frustrated and we will plunge into eternal sadness. (k) —, we can be happy in life by leading a pious life. (l)the way of our life is not smooth. (m) — it is full of thorns and obstacles. (n) — we have to fight against these odds relying on almighty Allah.

8. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below.                                                                                                                                 0.5 x 14=7

During the nine-month long Liberation War, the Pakistani Army carried out the most brutal massacre in human history. There were thousands of killing fields all around Bangladesh. One of the largest killing fields is located at Dumuria in Khulna. The area is called Chuknagar. Hundreds and thousands of fleeing people arrived at Chuknagar to cross the border. On 20 May 1971, Pakistani soldiers surrounded the area. They started to fire the fleeing people. About eight to ten thousand people were killed at Chuknagar.

(a) liberation (synonym); (b) brutal (antonym); (c) massacre (synonym); (d) human (antonym);

(e) largest (antonym); (f) located (antonym); (g) called (synonym); (h) border (synonym); (i)

surrounded (synonym); (j) started (antonym); (k) fire (synonym); (l) fleeing (synonym); (m)

people (synonym); (n) killed (synonym).

9.  Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following texts.                   7

The traveller said to the peasant Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn. The peasant said Yes I can Do you want one in which you can spend the night the traveller said, I dont wish to stay there I only want a meal follow me and I will take you to a nice one.

HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2023

Part B: Composition (40 marks)

10. Suppose you are Anindya/Aninydita and your friend Sumon/Sumona who is addicted to internet now a day. Write an email to your friend about future of wasting valuable time surfing the internet.                                                                                                                            10

11. Write a paragraph mentioning the different causes of “Corruption” in Bangladesh and the possible solution to this social malady. You have to limit yourself within 200 words.             15

12. Is “Empowerment of Women” necessary in a democratic and free society? Justify your answer within 250 words.           

More Suggestion

HSC 2023 letter suggestion 7***
1.Application for covid-19 prevention.7*
2.Application for debating club.7*
3.Application for Computer lab.7*
4.Application for extra class. 7*
5.Application for common room. 7*
6.Application for setting language club.7*
7.Application for a TC.7**
8.Application for study tour. 7**

HSC Application 5***
Application for a relief for flood affected people. 5*
Application for a seat to college hostel.5**
Application for a College canteen.
Application for celebratind Mujib year.5*
Application for increasin libery facilities. 5*
Application for changing elective subject.5**
Application for flood in Bangladesh

Hsc english 2nd paper suggestion 2023 pdf

Already the students are protesting that their entire syllabus is not yet complete. That is why we want all students to do well in their exams. If you are a candidate for this year’s SSC exam. And are you looking for English 2nd paper test suggestions? If you are looking then you have come to the right place. That’s why we are going to provide 100% Common Reading Guarantee Suggestion for English Paper II by our experienced teaching team with help from various note books text books and other web sites. There will be total 15 questions including application paragraph writing and computer which you have to answer each. That’s why this exam is very difficult. For the convenience of all we have published all board exam suggestions which can be downloaded from here in pdf file format.

English 2nd paper paragraph 7****
1..climate change.7*
Global warming.7*
Dowry system. 7*
Food addiction. 7+
Corruption in Bangladesh. 7*
My Country. 7*
Female education 7*
Mujib year 7*
বর্তমান বিষয় হিসাবে কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ প্যারাগ্রাফ হল
11. padma setu 7*
Flood in Bangladesh. 7*
Corona virus.7*
Price hike.7*
5** Hsc paragraph suggestion.
My favourite teacher..5*
Load-shedding. 5*
Trafic jam.5*
Folk music.5*
Environment pollution. 5*
Gender discrimination. 5*

Vast Knowledge about it

English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) English Second Paper is a significant part of the curriculum for students in their final years of high school. It is a comprehensive examination that tests students’ proficiency in English language skills, including reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. As the HSC examination for 2024 fast approaches, students should strategically prepare for the English Second Paper to ensure success. Here are some valuable suggestions for HSC English 2nd paper 2023. 

Suggestions for Reading Comprehension 

The reading comprehension section tests a student’s ability to understand, interpret, and analyze various types of texts. The questions in this section require students to read carefully and critically. Here are some suggestions to excel in this section: 

  • Practice Regularly: Regular practice is key. Reading a wide variety of texts such as novels, newspapers, and academic articles can expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of different writing styles.
  • Improve Vocabulary: An enriched vocabulary is essential for understanding and interpreting complex passages. Make a habit of learning new words every day and their usage.
  • Master the Skill of Skimming and Scanning: These are essential skills for this section. Skimming involves quickly going through the text to get a general understanding, whereas scanning involves looking for specific information.

Suggestions for Writing Section 

The writing section tests a student’s ability to express their ideas clearly and coherently in written English. It requires good grammar, a wide vocabulary, and an understanding of different writing styles and formats. Here are some useful tips: 

  • Practice Different Writing Styles: From formal letters to essays, the HSC English second paper could include a variety of writing tasks. Practice different writing styles to be well-prepared.
  • Focus on Grammar: A solid grasp of English grammar rules is essential. Pay particular attention to verb tenses, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Review and Edit: Always review your writing for any possible errors or areas of improvement. Editing is a crucial part of the writing process.

Suggestions for Grammar and Vocabulary Section 

The Grammar and Vocabulary section is a vital part of the English second paper. It tests a student’s knowledge of English grammar rules and their ability to use a wide range of vocabulary accurately. Here are some pointers for this section: 

  • Study Grammar Rules: Understand and practice English grammar rules regularly. This includes rules for verb tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, and sentence structure.
  • Expand Your Vocabulary: Regularly learn and use new words. This will not only enrich your vocabulary but also help you understand and answer the questions in this section more effectively.
  • Practice Regularly: Practice makes perfect. Regular practice will help you identify your weak areas and work on them.

Remember, consistent effort and smart study strategies are the keys to success in the HSC English second paper. Good luck with your preparation! 

Overview of the HSC English 2nd paper 2024

Important topics and concepts to cover for HSC English 2nd paper 2024

As students prepare for their HSC English 2nd paper in 2023, it’s crucial to understand that this examination mainly emphasizes the application of the English language in a practical context. Therefore, it is paramount to grasp both the language’s technical aspects and its usage in real-life situations. Let’s delve into the important topics and concepts that students must focus on to excel in this examination. 

Grammar and Vocabulary 

English grammar and vocabulary form the bedrock of the HSC English 2nd paper. This part of the syllabus tests a student’s capability to use a wide range of vocabulary and apply grammatical rules correctly in different contexts. Consider focusing on: 

  • Tenses, prepositions, and conjunctions
  • Phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Punctuation and capitalization rules

Comprehension and Analysis 

In addition to grammar and vocabulary, comprehension and analysis skills hold significant importance in the HSC English 2nd paper. This section tests a student’s ability to understand, interpret, and critically analyze a variety of texts. Key areas to focus on include: 

  • Understanding the main idea or theme of a passage
  • Identifying supporting details and drawing inferences
  • Interpreting the author’s purpose and tone
  • Analyzing and evaluating arguments

Writing Skills 

The HSC English 2nd paper also tests a student’s writing abilities. The ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively in written form is evaluated in this section. Here are the key aspects to concentrate on: 

  • Paragraph writing
  • Essay writing
  • Letter and application writing
  • Summary writing

Consistent practice and mastery over these topics and concepts can significantly improve a student’s performance in the HSC English 2nd paper. It’s also beneficial to refer to past question papers as they provide a good understanding of the examination’s pattern and the types of questions asked. Remember, the goal is not just to memorize the topics but to understand and apply them effectively.

How to effectively prepare for HSC English 2nd paper 2024

Preparation is the cornerstone of success in any examination, and the HSC English 2nd paper 2023 is no exception. The English language is vast and deep, with numerous rules and exceptions. However, with the right approach and consistent effort, you can master it and perform exceptionally well in your exams. 

Here are some comprehensive strategies and suggestions to help you prepare effectively for the HSC English 2nd paper 2024: 

1. Understand the Syllabus and Examination Pattern 

Your first step should be understanding the syllabus and exam pattern. This will provide a clear picture of what areas you need to focus on and the weightage of each section. You can familiarize yourself with the syllabus through the official HSC English 2nd paper guidelines. 

2. Regular Reading and Writing 

Regular reading and writing are essential for improving your language skills. Engage with a variety of reading materials, such as newspapers, novels, and academic texts. Practicing writing will help enhance your ability to express yourself effectively and clearly. 

3. Practice Past Papers 

Practicing past papers is a tried and true method for exam preparation. By engaging with past papers, you can understand the types of questions that may appear in the exam and become more comfortable with the exam format. 

4. Review Grammar and Vocabulary 

Grammar and vocabulary are fundamental to mastering the English language. Regularly review English grammar rules and expand your vocabulary to enhance your language proficiency and confidence. 

5. Seek Feedback and Improve 

Always seek feedback on your answers from teachers or peers. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make necessary improvements. 

Remember, the key to excelling in the HSC English 2nd paper 2023 is consistent practice and understanding the nuances of the language. So, stay motivated, keep practicing, and success will be within your reach.

Sample questions and answers for HSC English 2nd paper 2024

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the HSC English 2nd paper 2023 is to familiarize oneself with sample questions and answers. This method not only provides students with a deeper understanding of the exam format but also helps them to strategize their answers effectively. Here, we provide a selection of sample questions and suggested answers to help students ace their English 2nd paper. 

Sample Question 1: Essay Writing 

Write an essay on “The Impact of Technology on Society”. Your essay should cover the benefits and downsides of technology, and how society can balance the two.

Suggested Answer: The student should start the essay by introducing the topic and providing a brief overview of what they will discuss. They should then proceed by writing separate paragraphs detailing the pros and cons of technology in society. In conclusion, they should propose certain measures to balance the two. They should ensure that their essay is well-structured, coherent, and has a good flow of ideas. 

Sample Question 2: Letter Writing 

Write a formal letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about the deforestation in your area.

Suggested Answer: The student should start the letter by addressing the editor. 

Remember, these are just suggested answers and students are encouraged to infuse their own thoughts and ideas while answering these questions. Good luck with your preparation for the HSC English 2nd paper 2023! 

Tips and tricks for scoring high in HSC English 2nd paper 2024

Common mistakes to avoid in HSC English 2nd paper 2024

As we delve into the heart of the HSC English 2nd paper, there are certain pitfalls that students often fall into. Being aware of these can significantly improve your performance and pave the way for a higher score. Let’s explore some of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

1. Neglecting Grammar and Punctuation 

The most basic, yet often overlooked area, is grammar and punctuation. Incorrect grammar and punctuation not only lead to confusion but can also entirely change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of grammar rules and punctuation usage. 

2. Writing Off-topic 

Another common mistake students make is straying away from the topic. While it’s important to showcase your vocabulary and writing skills, staying relevant to the question is paramount. Always ensure that your answer is directed towards addressing the question asked. 

3. Inadequate Practice 

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to English. Regular practice of writing essays, letters, and reports can help enhance your writing skills and speed, both of which are essential for the HSC English 2nd paper. 

4. Ignoring the Word Limit 

Many students tend to write excessively or insufficiently. Stick to the word limit prescribed in the question paper. Writing too much can lead to unnecessary information, while writing too little may make your answer seem incomplete. 

5. Skipping Proofreading 

Lastly, never underestimate the power of proofreading. Always spare a few minutes to review your answers before submission. This can help you spot any grammatical errors

The role of practice papers in preparing for HSC English 2nd paper 2024

When it comes to preparing for the HSC English 2nd paper 2023, the role of practice papers cannot be emphasized enough. They offer a practical approach to understanding the examination pattern and refining the exam strategy. In this pursuit, the students not only familiarize themselves with the types of questions but also develop a knack for time management, a crucial factor for succeeding in the examination. 

Understanding the Examination Pattern 

Practice papers are an excellent resource for gaining insights into the examination pattern. They help students to understand the distribution of marks, type of questions, and the areas that require more focus. By repeatedly working on such papers, students develop a clearer idea of what to expect in the actual examination, thus reducing their anxiety and boosting their confidence. 

Refining Exam Strategy 

Merely knowing the syllabus is not enough; having a well-planned strategy is essential for cracking any examination. Practice papers allow students to try different approaches to solving questions, enabling them to discover what works best for them. They can identify the sections where they need to spend more time and those that they can quickly navigate through. This strategy refinement could be the difference between a good and an outstanding performance in the exam. 

Developing Time Management Skills 

One of the most significant benefits of practice papers is the development of time management skills. The HSC English 2nd paper is a timed test, and students often find it challenging to complete the paper within the stipulated time. By consistently practicing with these papers, students can gauge the time they take for each section and work on reducing it, ensuring they can comfortably finish the paper on time in the actual examination. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. Make the most out of each practice paper, analyzing your performance after each attempt. Each paper is a new opportunity to learn and improve.

Building Confidence 

Lastly, practice papers are instrumental in building confidence. As students improve their speed, accuracy, and overall performance with each paper, their confidence grows. They start feeling more prepared and less stressed about the upcoming examination. Confidence, along with knowledge and strategy, is a key contributor to a student’s success in the exam. 

In conclusion, practice papers play a pivotal role in preparing for the HSC English 2nd paper 2024. They are not just a reflection of your preparation but a tool for improvement. So, make sure to incorporate them into your study routine and gear up for the big day.

How to improve your English language skills for HSC English 2nd paper 2024

For many students, English Second Paper in HSC can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy and guidance, it can be tackled with relative ease. Here are some steps that can help you improve your English language skills for the HSC English Second Paper 2024. 

Regular Reading 

Regular reading of English books, newspapers, and magazines will expose you to a wide variety of vocabulary, sentence structures, and expressions. This could significantly enhance your comprehension and writing abilities. Focus on popular newspapers and magazines which are known for their high-quality English content. 

Practicing Writing 

Practice, they say, makes perfect, and this applies to English writing as well. Regular writing can improve your grammar, punctuation, and coherence. Make it a practice to write essays, précis, applications, letters, and reports. Seek feedback on your writing to identify areas where you can improve. 

Mastering Grammar 

Grammar serves as the backbone of the English language. A strong understanding of grammar can lead to the formation of clear, concise sentences. Make sure to revise grammar rules and practice them regularly. Websites, apps, and grammar books can be excellent resources. 

Expanding Vocabulary 

Having a wide vocabulary can aid in understanding and expressing complex ideas. Make it a point to learn new words every day. Use them in your writing and conversation to ensure they become a part of your active vocabulary. Always remember, ‘a word a day, keeps the language barrier away’. 

Listening and Speaking 

Listening to English news, podcasts, and speeches can improve your listening skills and pronunciation. Similarly, speaking English with friends, family, or in front of a mirror can boost your confidence and fluency. 

These steps may appear daunting initially, but with regular practice and determination, you will find yourself improving steadily. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your English skills. However, persistence is key, and with it, you can conquer any linguistic mountain that stands in your way. 

Good luck with your HSC English Second Paper 2023 preparation!

Conclusion and final thoughts on HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

As we draw to a close, it’s essential to note that the HSC English 2nd paper for 2024 is a critical milestone in the academic journey of any student. Success in this particular paper can significantly contribute to the overall performance of a student in the HSC exams. As such, it needs to be approached with the seriousness and determination it deserves. 

One key aspect that students need to pay keen attention to is the comprehension section. This section tests the student’s ability to understand, analyze, and infer from a variety of texts. It’s advisable to practice with diverse and complex texts to improve this skill. Reading widely, from newspapers to novels, and practicing summary skills can greatly help in this area. 

Note: Summarizing involves presenting the main ideas in your own words. It’s a skill that requires one to understand the content fully.

The writing skills section is another critical component of the English 2nd paper. It includes essay writing, report writing, and letter writing. To excel in this area, students need to understand the formats and conventions that apply to each type of writing. Practice is crucial here. Regular writing, coupled with feedback from teachers or peers, can aid in honing these skills. 

  • Essay Writing: Familiarize yourself with different essay types and their structures. Be comfortable with argumentative, descriptive, narrative, and expository essays. Understand the use of thesis statements, topic sentences, and conclusion paragraphs.
  • Report Writing: Learn the format of reports, and how to present information in a clear, concise manner. Practice distinguishing between essential details and unnecessary information.
  • Letter Writing: Understand the difference between formal and informal letters, including their structures and tones. Practice writing both types of letters.

Lastly, the literature section can be quite challenging for many students. However, with a good grasp of the themes, characters, and stylistic devices in the texts, one can adequately answer questions in this section. Regular discussion of literature texts, both in class and in study groups, can greatly aid in understanding and remembering key points. 

Final Thoughts 

Preparing for the HSC English 2nd paper 2023 is not an overnight task. It requires consistent effort, practice, and a positive attitude. Following the suggestions given above, coupled with dedication and commitment, any student can attain excellent results in this paper. Remember, success is not an accident, it is the result of hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

FAQs for HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2024 

  • Q: What is the key to success in the HSC English 2nd paper 2023? A: The key to success lies not in overnight cramming, but in consistent effort, practice, and maintaining a positive attitude. It’s essential to remember that success is not accidental, it’s the outcome of hard work, perseverance, continuous learning, and sacrifice. Above all, it’s the love of what you are doing or learning to do that will help you achieve excellent results.
  • Q: How can a student attain top scores in this paper? A: To attain top scores in the HSC English 2nd paper 2023, a student needs to follow the given suggestions diligently. Coupled with dedication and commitment, these suggestions can significantly improve a student’s performance.
  • Q: What is the most effective way to prepare for the HSC English 2nd paper 2024? A: The most effective way to prepare for the HSC English 2nd paper 2023 is by maintaining a consistent study schedule. This should include regular revision, practice, and going through the suggestions given above. It’s also crucial to adopt a positive attitude towards learning.


HSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2024

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