Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC Bank BCS Honours Masters

Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC Bank BCS Honours Masters

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Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC Bank BCS Honours Masters

1. Padma Bridge( 350 words)

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is Bangladesh’s longest bridge. The largest project Bangladesh has undertaken without any outside funding is the dream, as mentioned earlier, Padma Bridge. It is the biggest project in the nation, and when finished, the bridge will be the longest. Concrete and steel are being used in the bridge’s construction.
The main bridge measures 6.15 km in length and 16.10 m in width. Two tiers to the bridge connect Mawa in the Munshiganj district with Jajira in the Shariatpur district. It has a railway at the bottom and a four-lane road at the top. Future rail, gas, power, and fibre optic cable extensions will cross the Padma Bridge.

A group of international and domestic consultants, led by ECOM, created the final design for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge. China Major Bridge, a China Railway Group Limited division, will build the bridge. Beginning on December 6, 2014, work on the bridge was finished in 92% of its entirety by November 2020.
The Padma Bridge will be open for traffic by April 2022, according to China Major Bridge Engineering Company, the project’s contractor. More than 30 million people (44,000 sq km, or 29% of Bangladesh’s total area) will directly benefit from the initiative.

The construction of this bridge, which would cost about Tk 30,000 crore, will significantly advance the social, economic, and industrial growth of Bangladesh’s southern region. The bridge will be crucial for regional communication between Asia and Southeast Asia. Today, the Bangladeshi people’s long-held ambition of building the Padma Bridge will finally come true.
Due to corruption charges, the World Bank and other donors withdrew, but the Bangladeshi government did not budge. The government decided to support the bridge’s construction, and work is proceeding as planned. The Padma Bridge project is progressing at a typical rate. All parties hope the bridge’s structure will be finished before the deadline.

Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC Bank BCS Honours Masters

2. Padma Bridge ( 250 Words)

One of Bangladesh’s aspirational projects is the Padma Bridge. It links Shariatpur’s Janjira and Munshiganj’s Mawa. The Padma Bridge spans the Padma River in Bangladesh and serves road and rail traffic. It will rank as the sixth-largest multipurpose bridge in the world. The country’s capital and eastern area will be connected to the country’s southwest region via the Padma Bridge. The Bangladeshi government is currently providing funding for the project. On December 12, 2015, the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, set the Padma Bridge’s foundation stone. The Padma Bridge is 18.10 metres wide and 6.15 kilometres long overall.

There is a single-lane railway bridge and a four-lane highway. There are 41 spans in all on the bridge. They are each 150 metres long and 3,140 tonnes in weight. The Padma Bridge is maintained by “Bangladesh Bridge Authority”. “China Major Bridge Engineering Corporation” is the bridge’s builder. The bridge is made of steel and is a truss bridge. The country’s communication infrastructure will expand with the construction of the bridge. Southwest residents should expect a revolutionary transformation in their way of life. Regional companies will be developed to support this. Additionally, it will be crucial to Bangladesh’s economic sector.

The economy and transportation facilities will increase, and medical and educational facilities will be easy to access.

Padma Bridge Paragraph for HSC SSC JSC Bank BCS Honours Masters

3. Padma Bridge ( 250 Words)

The Padma Bridge is a remarkable project in Bangladesh that is currently being built. It is a big bridge connecting two areas called Mawa and Janjira by going over the Padma River. Once finished, it will become the sixth-largest bridge in the world and be used for both cars and trains.
Bangladesh’s government is funding the bridge’s construction, showing its importance for its development. The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, started the project by laying the foundation stone on December 12, 2015.

The Padma Bridge is quite impressive in size. It will be 6.15 kilometers long and 18.10 meters wide. It will have four lanes for cars and one lane for trains. The bridge comprises 41 sections, called spans, and each span is 150 meters long and weighs 3,140 tons. China Major Bridge Engineering Corporation is doing the construction work, and the Bangladesh Bridge Authority will take care of the bridge once it’s finished.

When the Padma Bridge is completed, it will make a big difference in Bangladesh. It will connect the country’s southwest region with the capital city and the eastern part. This will make traveling more accessible for people and businesses to grow. It will also bring economic benefits by creating new jobs and opportunities.
Moreover, the bridge will improve access to essential healthcare and education. People will be able to reach hospitals and schools more efficiently. Overall, the Padma Bridge symbolizes progress and development in Bangladesh and will improve life for many people there.

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