Padma Multipurpose Bridge Bangladesh

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Bangladesh: The Padma Bridge is a planned megaproject in Bangladesh, which will connect the country’s south and north regions by spanning the Padma River. The bridge is expected to greatly improve transportation, communication, and trade within Bangladesh, as well as boost the country’s economic development.

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The bridge will be 6.15 kilometers long and have a total of four lanes for road traffic, as well as a separate railway line. It is being constructed by a joint venture of Chinese and Bangladeshi companies, with funding from the Chinese government, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.
Padma Multipurpose Bridge Bangladesh
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Construction of the Padma Bridge began in December 2014 and is expected to be completed in June 2022. The project has faced a number of challenges, including funding difficulties and natural disasters such as floods and landslides. Despite these challenges, the construction of the bridge is making steady progress and is expected to be a major infrastructure milestone for Bangladesh.

Once completed, the Bridge will provide a much-needed connection between the country’s two major regions, reducing travel times and improving access to markets and other economic opportunities. It is also expected to spur economic growth and create new jobs in industries such as tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing.

In conclusion, the Padma Bridge is a major infrastructure project that has the potential to significantly improve the lives of people in Bangladesh. Despite facing challenges along the way, the construction of the bridge is making steady progress and is poised to be a key milestone in the country’s development.
Padma Bridge Update 2022. Padma is a multipurpose bridge across the Padma River in Bangladesh. The bridge is the longest bridge in Bangladesh. It is a road and rail bridge. It will connect the southwest of the country to the northern and eastern regions. Padma is the most challenging project in Bangladesh barbecue it is own funded by Bangladesh Government. It is two layer steel truss bridge where the upper layer will use for the highway and the lower layer will be used for the railroad.

The upper level is a four-lane highway but the railroad is a single track both meter gauge and broad gauge trains can run on the bridge. The bridge on one side is situated at Mawa, Munshiganj, and the other side is situated at Zajira, Shariatpur District. 21 Districts in the south region will be connected by Padma Bridge. The total cost of the bridge is BDT 301933.88 Million based on the 2nd RDPP.

The Length of This Bridge

The Padma Bridge is a planned infrastructure project in Bangladesh, which will connect the country’s south and north regions by spanning the Padma River. The length of the Padma Bridge is 6.150 km and the range is 18.18 cadence. The total span is 41 and each span is 150 cadences long. The Total Pile of the ground is 286 where 262 piles are made by the sword and 24 piles are made by concrete. Pile length 128m and pile dia 3m. Each pier contains 6 no piles. There’s 4- a lane express trace on both sides of Padma ground which wide 22m. Dhaka to Bhanga thruway length is 55 km. Land accession about 1471 intimidator for the ground.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge History: Govt has taken the division to build Padma Bridge with its own funds and started a feasibility study in 1999. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated the Padma Bridge construction on December 12, 2015. Its 1st span has been installed on September 30, 2017, on the 37 and 38 pillars. After 3 years and 10 months, the 41st span of the Padma bridge was installed on December 10, 2020, on pillars 12 and 13. Per span weight 3200 tons.

Utility services through the Bridge: Government will provide various utility services through the bridge. South region of the country will get easily important services which was not possible without a bridge. The utility service list is given below:
1. 760 mm dia Gas transmission line through Padma bridge
2. Fiber optic and Telephone duct which dia is 150 mm
3. High voltage electric lines which help both sides of people

Earthquake Information: As per the design, Padma Bridge can survive high earthquakes. The engineer used a pendulum bearing for the Padma Bridge which can carry 10,000 tons of weight. The bridge can survive 9. o Richter scale earthquake

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