Road accident dialogue between two friends

Road accident dialogue between two friends

Road accident dialogue between two friends
When discussing auto accidents, two buddies say the following to one another:

Rahim, hi. Salutations, Kamal. Why do you appear so depressed?

Kamal: Alright. Today, I watched the news and noticed that there was a horrible vehicle accident.

Rahim: However, traffic accidents occur on a daily basis in our nation.

Kashif: Possibly. But I was astonished to hear this news.

Rahim: How come?

It is reported that five members of the same family perished instantaneously while traveling to a wedding celebration.

Rahim: What led to the mishap?

Kamal: A car carrying five persons collided with a fully loaded truck travelling in the opposite direction close to Faridpur town. The vehicle was heading toward Dhaka.

Rahim: How unfortunate!

Could you please explain why there are so many auto accidents in our nation, Kamal?

Rahim: Based on what I’ve read in newspapers and other electronic media, the majority of collisions are caused, among other things, by irresponsible driving, disregarding traffic laws, driving old vehicles, and poorly maintained roads.

Road accident dialogue between two friends

Khami: Please let me know how we might prevent or reduce the amount of auto accidents.

Rahim: We must first ensure that our drivers have received the appropriate training. Then, vehicles with licenses that aren’t safe should be removed from the road. The autos should also be required to abide by traffic laws. We should also improve the condition of our roadways.

Kamal: Alright. It’s accurate; you are. There’s no denying that if we can accomplish these objectives, the number of auto accidents will decrease.

Rahim, hi. You and I both agree. A big thank you.

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