10 Ways To Sharpen Your Sixth Sense

Sixth sense: 10 Ways To Sharpen Your Sixth Sense – Power of Positivity

Our own instinct or instinct, we can call it definition in clear Bengali. We can use it from time to time, but there are expert opinions on how.

When time is hostile, all problems seem like mountains. Do many times leave a good job for a risky job? Again there are very small decisions. What will happen at dinner – fish or meat? Inna Khazan, a psychologist at Harvard University, said:

At this time you need to use knowledge, experience, and sixth sense (intuition).

But easy to say, hard to do. So what can be done to win the accessibility of the sixth sense?

1. The big decision has to be made while the body and mind are relaxed

It is foolish to make big decisions when emotions are high. “When we are angry, anxious, depressed, the mind tells us to get over them,” says Inna Khazan, best known for her bio-feedback and mindfulness in Everyday Life. But such a short-term solution does not give us long-term benefits. So if we are relaxed, we get the right direction of the sixth sense. A few slow, easy breaths calm us down.

2. You have to write it down

Good, bad — both have to be written down. When you can’t decide what to do, write down the good and bad aspects of it, which will be a visual guide. There will be an opportunity to see the decision objectively. What will be right, what will be wrong – I think the whole picture will come. Now believe in your sixth sense.

3. Do your own research

However, believing the call of one’s own mind does not mean that one has to give up one’s subtle thinking technique. You can seek advice from trusted friends, relatives, or experienced professionals before you become convinced of your instincts.

4. Practice using the sixth sense

Start practicing your sixth sense first with small decisions. Eat at such a restaurant? Don’t worry too much, do whatever the mind says — whatever is wrong or right. When anxious, sit down and think. Try to get relief from uncertainty. If you use it in small decisions, then you can use your sixth sense in big decisions.

5. Listen to your gut

We don’t say “gut feelings” for nothing—-we’ve all had those feelings roiling around in the midsections that tell us to steer clear of danger or to move toward a particular outcome. It may seem illogical at first, but the more you follow this gut feeling, the more likely it is that it will lead you in a real direction for your situation.

6. Follow the signs

The more you open yourself up to the possibility of a sixth sense in yourself and others, the more synchronicities will begin to show up in your life. Do you hear the same song over and over? Does a particular animal or icon catch your eye? Pay attention to the signals the universe is giving you; there may be hidden meaning in these visible clues.

7. Guess

Don’t take your psychic ability too seriously; play with your inner powers, and don’t be afraid to guess once in a while—who knows? You might hit the mark. Try to predict who is calling you, or see how many emails you will encounter when you open up your account. Playing with inconsequential outcomes such as these will increase your faith as you discover that you can be right—most of the time.

8. Pay attention to your dreams and visions

Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all have dreams and inner visions that lead us in a specific direction. Pay attention to the information that you get, and ask what the purpose of this information is and how it is meant to serve you in life. Asking will open up a whole new world of answers, and the ride is exhilarating.

9. Visualize, and speak your intentions

Your subconscious mind, intuition, and dreams regularly speak to you; you should consider sending messages back to your subconscious!

Visualize an inevitable outcome. Or, tell your subconscious mind what you wish to achieve or accomplish in a situation. Perhaps you can plant a seed that will later bloom into the outcome that you intended.

10. Stop saying “no”

To open up to your sixth sense completely, you must stop saying “no” to those inner hunches as they come through. When you ask, be prepared for an answer, and do not brush off that inner voice that is trying to communicate with you. It may not be an answer that you are ready to receive or accept. But the process is not about getting the answer you want every single time. Instead, it’s about letting information come through that may serve a higher purpose to you or to someone else.

Some important information about the sixth senses

The pros and cons of whether the sixth sense is really active in humans are long overdue. Some have taken it as a mere figment of human imagination or the food of fiction. Again, many undoubtedly believe in the existence of the sixth sense. The issue is also of interest to scientists and researchers. However, after so many days of research, many people have responded positively to its existence, but they have not been able to provide strong data in support of it.

Now I understand that the debate is going to end. A group of researchers recently said that after five years of research, they have found evidence of the existence of the sixth sense. However, they said, the matter is not something supernatural or imaginary, it is a physiological process. The head of the research team is a neuropsychotherapist at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Trisha Stratford said that in the last five years, they have applied therapy to 30 people of different ages.

More info about our Sixth Sense

Depression and anxiety are observed by placing electrodes around the head of these individuals and observing four parts of their brain. At the same time, a special type of sensitive monitor is inserted at the fingertips of each hand to observe their physiological response. Their hearts are also monitored through ECG technology. Dr. Trisha said patients were given therapy regularly during the session.

During the sessions, regular and in-depth observations were made to accurately diagnose the physiological processes of the patients. Even observing the brain at that time gave them an accurate idea of ​​their mental changes and needs and expectations. And this matter is commonly known as the sixth sense. According to Trisha Stratford, regular sessions between the patient and the therapist (therapist) during the session and deep concentration during the meeting resulted in a balance between the two.

More info about our Sixth Sense

At this time physical and mental communication is made between the two. The heart rate of both the patient and the physician, the state of biological activity inside the body, and the swelling of the eyeball of both of them have been observed to be similar. All in all, the two of them have come to a unified state without any physical connection. And it has become possible that through the process that is the sixth sense.

Without this special physiological process, such equality and intimacy between them would not have been possible. Psychotherapist and President of Gestalt Australia and New Zealand. Alan Miara says that many people think of the sixth sense as something magical. In fact, it is the result of the deepest human concentration. The subject establishes a physiological connection between two people and creates a kind of communication between them.

As a result, one party is able to get an accurate idea of ​​the other’s emotions and potential thoughts. According to the researchers, the sincerity of being able to unite between two people is usually created after two or three visits. However, in order to use the sixth sense, maximum attention is required. One cannot get close to the other party if one cannot apply all of one’s self by keeping oneself away from all external things.

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