The 10 Best Online Learning Platforms in Bangladesh

The 10 Best Online Learning Platforms in Bangladesh

The rapid growth of the internet and digital technology has changed how we learn and get school materials. Online learning platforms are becoming more popular in Bangladesh because they provide a friendly, flexible, and low-cost way to get guidance. Different kinds of students can take a wide range of classes on these platforms, from academic subjects to skill-based courses.

List of Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

  • 10 Minute School
  •  Shikha
  •  Shikhbe Shobai
  •  Upskill
  •  Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)
  •  Programming Hero
  •  Eshikhon
  •  Advice
  •  Educarnival
  •  Shikhok Batayon

One of the best things about online learning is that it gives you much freedom. Students can use educational materials whenever they want without attending class or sticking to strict plans. This is great for people who can’t attend regular classes because of work or home duties.

Online learning tools allow students to connect with teachers and other students worldwide. This can improve the quality of learning by letting people share what they know. The cost of learning online is also not too high. Many of these platforms offer their programs for free or at a very cheap price compared to traditional schools.

Long gone are the days when people only learned in classes with textbooks. Technology like the internet and other tools give kids the chance to talk to people all over the world. There are different ways to learn besides standard classrooms and textbooks. In Bangladesh, there have been more efforts to offer online education in recent years. This has made education much more accessible for students to receive and more fun.

1 Shikha

Shikha is one of the most popular places to learn online in Bangladesh. Their live classrooms, graphical learning paths, ongoing evaluations, performance indicators, and high-quality animated video lessons show that online learning can be a great alternative to tutors or coaching centers that you go to in person.

Students are the ones who use the Shikho Learning App. This app can be downloaded from the Play Store. Shikho has academic classes and courses that help you improve your skills, study tools, and advice. Shikho gives scholarships to SSC and HSC kids based on their school performance.

2 10 Minute School

Ten Minute School is one of Bangladesh’s most popular ways to learn at home. It began as a small project but is now quickly growing, with close to 150,000 students usually signing up. Several well-known people and the vast telecom company ROBI are sponsoring this site.

This site could be an excellent way for people looking for jobs and applying for JSC to learn online. On Facebook or a mobile app, students can take tests, watch pre-recorded movies that teach about different subjects, and even join live sessions. The best part is that the app is free to use.

3 Eshikhon

Ibrahim Akbar started the Bangladeshi e-learning platform Eshikhon. It has classes on schoolwork, freelancing, getting ready for college, BCS, bank jobs, and improving your skills. They have over thirty of the best online courses offered by some of Bangladesh’s best-known teachers on their website. Students who use this tool can get better at what they do.

They offer classes to improve your skills in graphic design, web programming, and 3D animation. They also provide technical audiovisual lessons on various subjects, such as computer programming, graphic design, WordPress, affiliate marketing, SEO, CPA, and CPA training. Students can stay updated on school news by reading the helpful posts on the website’s blog.

4 Study Press

Study Press is a well-known website for learning. It has an extensive library of frequently updated questions that students can use to test their understanding. The main focus of this website is helping people prepare for tests. Students can find past questions from all over the country from tests like Bank Job, BCS, and others. There are practice tests for every subject that students can take.

Accessing this website is possible for students through their Facebook accounts. It has a lot of academic papers and questions that will help them learn.

5 Programming Hero

Mr. Jhankar Mahbub, a well-known figure in the country’s programming business, started “Programming Hero,” a website that offers fun and exciting learning methods. The “Programming Hero” app came out in test form in 218.

You can take free game-based classes on making mobile apps, C code, C++, Python, cyber security, and many other topics through their mobile app. They also offer a complete 16-hour lesson on how to build websites. The website currently has 51 full-time employees, 25 part-time employees, and two volunteer employees.

6 Amar Pathshala

This website for online learning from Bangladesh has free classes in many subjects and details about jobs. Amar Pathshala has almost 12,000 videos that teach all courses to primary, intermediate, and upper-secondary school students. It also has lessons on how to get a job.

In addition, this website has information about relevant job ads. The best thing about Amar Pathshala is that all of its material is free. These lessons are for people who are learning both Bangla and English. As well as teaching academic subjects, they also offer Japanese language classes.

07. Muktopaath

In Muktopaath, the ICT branch of the Bangladeshi government has a great project. It is a well-known place to learn in Bangladesh. There are many classes on this website for people of all skill levels. This is also a great place to learn about business, health, and improving your skills. Even this site has lessons on how to be a journalist and work as a freelancer.

This e-learning site also has studies on IT and pre-recorded lecture videos tailored to specific chapters and subjects. Muktopaath is an excellent addition to the virtual learning setting for the country.

08 Educarnival

Educarnival is an online learning platform that gives tips on how to get ready for competitive tests. You can use this website to practice past questions for a wide range of competitive exams, such as tests for bank jobs, medical school admissions, public university entrance exams, and other government jobs. There are model tests for every element on this platform. Also, there are excellent scholarly papers that can be found.

9 MSB Academy

The MSB Academy is a great online school in Bangladesh that gives students excellent lessons. The platform offers a lot of different business, language, and IT courses with a focus on valuable skills that can be used immediately.

The platform is excellent for students who want to learn more and improve their skills because it is easy to use, has exciting material, and has instructors who know what they’re talking about. Students from various socioeconomic backgrounds can get an excellent education through this tool.

10 Shikkhok Batayon

Shikkhok Batayon (, run by the government of Bangladesh, is a free online learning space for teachers. The people who should read it are elementary, middle, and upper school teachers. Teachers can send and receive educational materials on this website. As a result, a vast library of pictures, movies, presentations, and other teaching materials has grown.

The website helps hundreds of thousands of teachers nationwide learn more about business, science, and the arts through more than 24,000 presentations, 44,000 educational videos, and many articles.

Last Thoughts

Online learning is becoming more common because it is convenient and inexpensive. Here is a list of the best online learning sites in Bangladesh that offer classes for schoolwork and skill-building. This post tells you about some of the best places to learn online.

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