Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks

Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks

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Questions to note:

(a) What does a tree do for us?
(b) What happens if there are no trees?
(c) What are the effects of the loss of trees?
(d) How can we make our earth green, cleaner, and safer?
(e) What part do people play in protecting trees and increasing forests?

Tree plantation paragraph 190 words

Systematic planting of trees on a large scale is called tree plantation. Trees are significant to our daily lives in many ways. Trees meet our nutritional needs by providing fruits and vitamins. The wood used to make everyday necessities, including furniture, is obtained from trees. Trees prevent soil erosion. Various medicines are prepared from the tree’s leaves, roots, and bark. We need oxygen for breathing, and trees provide this oxygen. Plants keep our environment healthy by absorbing toxic carbon dioxide gas.

Trees play a huge role in maintaining our ecological balance. Ecological balance is a healthy and harmonious relationship between living and inanimate matter in the environment. Plants help us keep this balance by providing shelter and oxygen to animals and plants. Without plants, our life would not exist. It is said that a country needs to have 25% forest cover to maintain ecological balance. A nation without trees becomes a desert, and no living animal can live there. So planting trees is vital for us. They can be planted along roadsides, educational institutions, and open spaces. For our own sake, we should plant more trees.

Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks

Tree plantation paragraph for class 8 (272 words)

Tree plantation refers to planting more trees across the country. A happy and peaceful life is not possible without trees. Some people are recklessly cutting down trees everywhere. They do not think that the destruction of trees destroys the ecosystem. As a result, our country is going to become a whole desert. We may face problems like flood, land erosion, lack of rain, etc. It poses a great threat to our ecosystem. Trees play a significant role in our day-to-day life. We need oxygen to survive. Trees give us this oxygen. They provide us with food and fruits. They also shelter us. From trees, we get wood, and we need wood to make household furniture, boats, launches, ships, etc.

If trees are planted along the banks of rivers and seas, erosion can be prevented. It also prevents air pollution. Trees protect the country from the harmful greenhouse effect. The higher lands of the river valleys are suitable for the growth and development of afforestation. Beaches, lowlands, and wastelands can be brought under afforestation with specific types of trees ideal for the soil. June-July is the best time for planting. We should plant more trees to save the environment. Plantation programs should be extended to remote areas of the country. Officials concerned with this program should take proper steps and necessary measures to make it successful. The government should take the steps needed to encourage people to plant trees. The necessity and importance of trees must always be addressed. So we must plant more trees and take care of them for our well-being and existence.

Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks

Tree plantation paragraph for class 9-10 (SSC) 300 words

The life of every animal on earth, including humans, is directly or indirectly related to trees. Trees have made this land habitable, providing essential animal food and maintaining the earth’s ecological and climatic balance. And so, there is no alternative to planting trees to preserve the natural balance. Any country should have at least 25 percent forest cover on its mainland. But Bangladesh’s forest land is only 16 percent of the total area compared to that. Even in such a situation, we often kill trees indiscriminately from all around for no reason. In this, we are moving towards an inevitable end.

The environment of Bangladesh has become a victim of pollution today. As a result, there is excessive rain or no rain. Every year, Bangladesh is devastated by flash floods, landslides and cyclones. The climate of this country is gradually moving towards extremes. In the future, Bangladesh will turn into a desert. And in the absence of trees, it is not possible to stop the greenhouse effect. Ozone layer depletion and global warming may lead to the submergence of Bangladesh’s coastal areas if the sea level rises.

Plantation or development of tree resources is therefore linked to our existence. Public and private efforts are required to effectively implement the goals and objectives of forest expansion and forest conservation. However, some of the duties to be performed in this regard are – the prevention of free and arbitrary clearing of forests, planting of new saplings and their necessary maintenance, enforcement of laws to prevent the cutting of immature trees, the establishment of social forestry in new areas, organization of tree fairs, etc. Only if the tree plantation campaign can be carried out with the concerted efforts of all these our land, including Bangladesh will become habitable again.

Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks

Tree plantation paragraph for class 12 (HSC) 350 words

Initiating a campaign to conquer the green world and to secure life on Earth, planting trees as much as possible refers to tree plantation. Ours is an overpopulated country with no significant value of land. Though we have secured 17% of our land with trees, it’s not ideal. In addition, greedy society is cutting down trees on their sweet will to earn money. Trees are an integral part of nature and the ecosystem. Therefore, the existence of life on Earth without trees is unimaginable.

Indiscriminate deforestation is endangering wildlife. Biodiversity and the environment are under threat. According to the decision of environmental scientists, the reason for the deterioration of the world environment is the deforestation of the world. The relationship between life and the environment is inextricable. To keep life alive, the balance of the atmosphere must be maintained. Trees increase the amount of water in the soil by making rainfall by producing water vapor.

Moreover, preventing soil erosion protects the land from river erosion and increases soil fertility. It also plays a unique role in protecting the Earth from natural disasters. Trees take the carbon dioxide animals release from nature’s bosom and return life-giving oxygen to nature. The dire consequences of deforestation are evident worldwide today. As a result, the melting of the ice in the polar region will increase the height of the seawater, and the rate of floods, cyclones, and floods will increase a lot.

Again, due to the ozone layer depletion due to greenhouse gases, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will enter the Earth, causing various diseases to humans and animals. As a result, to protect the balance of the environment, planting a sufficient number of trees for a livable climate has become an imperative today. Tree planting is essential to bring back the coolness of tree shade in rough urban areas. Tree plantation programs and maintenance should be undertaken under well-planned government and private assistance. People should be encouraged to plant trees wherever there is vacant land. The general public will only feel the urge to plant trees when they are made aware of the horrors of environmental imbalance.

Tree plantation paragraph for HSC SSC JSC BCS Banks


Planting trees is not only about protecting the environment; This is a strong declaration of our commitment to a sustainable future. Trees are the unsung heroes of our planet, quietly working to clean the air, provide habitat for countless species, and combat the growing threat of climate change. When we plant trees, we plant seeds of hope for generations to come. Each plant represents an opportunity to revitalize our ecosystem and strengthen biodiversity.

As we carefully dig up the Earth and place these young plants in the ground, we provide a green sanctuary for birds, insects, and animals, encouraging a harmonious coexistence with nature. Planting a tree goes beyond physical activity; It is a symbolic gesture of unity. It unites communities, schools and organizations in a shared mission to heal the planet. It is a classroom without walls, teaching us about endurance, growth, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

Moreover, trees play an essential role in mitigating the climate crisis. They absorb carbon dioxide, act as the Earth’s lungs, and release life-giving oxygen. Deforestation threatens our world; planting trees is our antidote, our defense against the encroaching menace of global warming. In a world facing environmental challenges, plantations are our beacon of hope.

It’s a testament to our ability to affect positive change, reminding us that every tree we plant is a step toward a healthier, greener tomorrow. So, let’s pick up our shovels, roll up our sleeves, and plant the seeds of change because, in the shade of this tree, our future generations will find respite and inspiration.


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