unity is strength completing story for HSC SSC JSC Bcs Degrees Honours Masters

unity is strength completing story for HSC SSC JSC Bcs Degrees Honours Masters

Once there turned into a vintage farmer who had 3 sons. The sons usually quarreled among themselves and were given separated. The antique man turned into very unhappy. Soon he fell ill. They have to continuously quarreled with one another. One day the vintage farmer called his sons to carry some sticks and tied them in a bundle. He informed them to destroy the bundle. They attempted but should not—————–

Unity is strength

Once a vintage farmer had three sons. They ought to constantly quarrele with one another. One day the vintage farmer referred to as his sons delivered a few sticks and tied them in a bundle. He cautioned them to spoil the bundle. They tried however could no longer wreck the package of the sticks. Then he counselled them to untie the package gave a stick to the sons and asked them to spoil it. Then all of them broke the stick easily.

The farmer instructed them that if they might stay separate and quarrelled with one another, the enemy should without problems defeat them. But if they remained united like the bundle, they ought to be lots greater amazing and the enemy must no longer do any harm to them. At this, the three sons learnt great schooling and began to stay unitedly and happily.


Once there lived an antique farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. They could quarrel continually with each other. The farmer told them no longer quarrel. But they did no longer pay heed to their father’s words. So the farmer turned into unhappy……….

One day he made a plan. He called his sons and told them to supply a few sticks and a piece of rope. They added some sticks and rope. The farmer tied the sticks together in a package with the rope and recommended them to destroy it. They tried coronary heart and soul however failed.

Then the farmer united the package deal and his partner gave one stick to each of the sons. This time they broke the sticks easily. Then the farmer stated to them, “Like the sticks, be together and nobody can damage you. “Remember that cohesion is strength.

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