The lion and the mouse completing story For hsc ssc jsc Masters Degree BCS

the lion and the mouse completing story

There was a cat that slept in a cave. A mouse was having fun nearby. It ran over the lion’s face with joy while it was playing. The lion got up. This made the lion very angry. with the stupid mouse. The mouse got very scared and told the lion, “Oh king of the jungle, I am a very small animal.” I really regret making such a big mistake this time. If I can help, I’m here all the time.

When the lion heard this, he smiled and let the mouse go. One night, the mouse heard a lion roar. He got closer to the sound and saw the lion trapped in a hunter’s mouse net. The mouse told him his name and asked him not to scream. The mouse then began cutting the rope with its very sharp teeth. The mouse was thanked by the lion for his help. As an answer, the mouse said, “Even the smallest creatures can help giants a lot.”

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